If you are finding yourself running on empty...

we can help fill up your soul.


A Metaphysical Coffee Lounge... 

metaphysical (adj.) concerned with abstract thought or subjects, as existence, casuality, or truth.

lounge (n.) a place where like minded people gather to leisurely hang out in a comfortable and relaxing environment, while enjoying their favorite food/beverages. 

Our founder, Dayna Rainier, came up with the concept for a metaphysical cafe. In her words: "There is so much division in our world today. I want to create a place that is open to people from all walks of life. Some place that isn't just your average drive through to get your quick coffee and go. I want to bring people together, touch lives, and create an environment that inspires creativity and positivity and allows people to develop meaningful relationships with others. Superior products and an excellent staff will be a major part in creating this space. In a world where competition seems to be the focus, my dream is to build this space for those of us who want to come together and unite over our similarities instead of remaining in a divisive world."



A Metaphysical Cafe... 
Truly Great Coffee
Every Cup Every time


While we do consider ourselves more than just your average coffee shop, the excellence of our coffee is still among our highest priorities - in terms of taste, quality, and soul-filling-up ability.


With carefully selected ingredients, baristas, and supplies, we ensure that every cup of coffee we serve will be made with a high level of care. Our award winning blend is made up of 5 different coffee beans from around the world. They are roasted separately in order to bring out their unique, individual flavors and are roasted here, locally in Newberg, Oregon.

Not to mention we have baristas that are highly trained and educated by internationally known European experts from Alex & Associates.


Truly Great Coffee

You can be sure that a visit to Sol Station Cafe will definitely fill your soul, and for more reasons than just the coffee. We are constantly striving to be more than just a place that serves amazing joe. We are a place to belong, a place to gather, a welcoming environment, a relaxed atmosphere, and above all, a place where community, art, charity, and amazing coffee all intersect. 

Our retail space within the cafe will be offering local artists handmade inspirational jewelry, home decor items, high end leather goods, unique greeting cards, crystals/gemstones, essential oils, and so much more awesome stuff! A portion of the proceeds from these items will benefit various charity groups, such as bracelets made by Ugandan children to help raise money for their schools. 

If you are finding yourself running on empty...

we can help fill up your soul.

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